If you have a chance to send me a review, I'll post it here. And while you're doing that, please post one on Amazon or any other review site.  Here are a few I've received or are posted elsewhere:

Sicilian Prince 

*****I love Steve's book. The guy can rub two paper clips together and make a space shuttle.

•••••I just racked some Pinot Noir and Merlot, using the Vacuum Pump setup I built. 

The Vacuum Pump setup is based loosely on what Steve Hughes has in his book. I don't know what to say...

Steve, without your book and inspiration, I would not of had the courage to build this. I don't know how to thank you. I don't know what I ever did without it. 

I will be adding the filter to the setup. 

In humble gratitude, I thank you, Steve.

Jeff S

***** Absolutely love this book. Anybody not wanting to go spend a couple grand and has a little creativity to make you a good home winery, will love this book.


***** Well written book, it contains clear and concise drawings and instructions for a wide variety of projects ... one project can easily pay for the book.


***** I found theproject book for my vinyard and winery. Easy to follow plans for most of the equipment needed for a home winery with out the uber expense of pro equipment. for a 200 gallon limit / year this equipment is the cats meow

Robert A  (Macungie, PA)

*****If you have any interest in wine or wine making…This book definitely needs to be in your collection! Everything you'll need, plus some of the things you haven't thought of, without learning the hard way. A great read by itself, or for the novice do-it-yourselfers.

--Bayouceff (Louisanna, USA)

*****This book will help educate the beginning (or mid-level) winemaker by guiding the building of good quality equipment and providing some rationale for it as well. The tools you use partly define how you make wine and can get in the way. This writer has been there, and will improve your wine making (and mine) .

Very good job, well printed and already thumb tagged and dirty in my shop. That should say it all.

--Alan Cain (Grand Coulee, WA USA)

*****I want to get started making wine at home and I like to build the stuff I use, so this book is perfect fit for me.

--Patrick Moskalik 

****If you're looking to make new equipment for your new home winery then this is a good book to read. I learned several new tricks to aid in the home wine making process. Overall a good book to read.

--Andrew J. Robison

*****I received the book today, thanks for personalizing it for me! I feel like a kid in a candy story as I read it. Thanks again & Happy Holidays,

--Tom (New York)

*****This is an awesome book for those of us so in love with the wine making process. We make our own wines and now this just gives my hubby all new ideas on improving our ability to produce more wine! It was received very promptly and in excellent shape.

--Sheila S. (Grand Rapids, MN)

*****This book has some good ideas for starting a winery,or just giving you some idea of what to do,,you may want to think about using some stainless steel for some things you are going to use. But if you are going to do anything to start of a winery to a Building sheds the more you read about the subject the more you learn.

--Robert R.

*****Although I would recomend getting the paper version instead of the ebook, it has great simple designs. I bought it for the destemmer design and ended up making 2 other items.


*****The book is an excellent guide, well illustrated for those who wish to make some equipment themselves. Most projects are easily done by anybody who can handle basic tools and has some imagination. I liked the part about a layout for storage of bottles very much, it is easily adaptable to one's own room and has all essential measures! Even if it provides you with one new idea it's worth every dollar! Much recommended to every starter in making wines who doesn't want to invest in expensive equipment but make some him/herself!

--Johan (Costa Rica)

*****The projects in this book are well laid out with plenty of detail. Some projects are more detailed than others. Steve uses a wine bottle scale at the top of the page to indicate level of skill needed for each project. One bottle being beginner level and 4 bottles being advanced. I feel confident that I could do a lot of the projects and some my husband would have to help me with. I especially appreciate the amount of ingenuity that went into documenting these projects. I'm looking forward to building the chilled wine storage closet, automatic bottle filler, wine racks and maybe even some of the furniture made from recycled wine barrels. The book also contains lots of helpful winemaking knowledge. Thanks Steve for a great book!

--Lawd yes "Fishing Goddess" (California)

*****Hi my name is Gaetan.  I'm a Canadian who has recently moved to Japan to grow grapes.  I would like to congratulate you on making such a great book and tell you a bit about myself.  
I bought your book for the instructions on how to make a crusher/destemmer. I built/used the crusher/destemmer last month and was very pleased with the result.  And plan on making the press next year.  And I really appreciated the advice about how to make bungs out of food grade silicone.  The only
complaint I had about your book was that I found the adhesive on the spine was weak and it seemed like the pages soon separated from the spine but that could have been because I read it so many times!  But at the same time I thought the book was really affordable, so I can't really complain.

--Gaetan (Japan)

****This would be interesting reading for the handy. It is filled with money saving ideas for the home winemaker. More than a handsaw and drill would be required.

--Gordon (Indianapolis)