Place Card Holder

My daughter is getting married this summer and we were discussing the table setting for the dinner guests.  Of course I’ll get to serve some of the wines I make, but the conversation came around to the place cards.  As I fiddled with a bottle cork, she suggested that we could slit the cork and put the place card into the slit to hold it upright.  So we made a mockup and it was not very easy to cut a straight line nor to make a flat bottom to keep the cork from rolling over.  But, never-say-never me came up with this way to make them so I could craft over two hundred nearly identical holders in a fairly short period of time.  I’ll leave inserting the name cards up to her…

To cut the side of the cork flat, I took a short scrap of 2x4 and drilled a 7/8” hole into the edge near one end about 1-1/2” deep.  Then I cut off the end of the 2x4 so that about only three quarters of the hole was left.  I was able to then insert a cork into this hole and, with a stop clamped to my miter saw fence I place the cork block in the saw and cut off a small amount of cork — enough to sit flat on a table on its side.  Most corks fit fairly tight in the hole, but some that were loose needed to be held in place with the little stick shown on top of the block to keep them from turning while being cut.

IMG 1232

After a couple hundred chops of the saw, I turned my focus to coming up with a way to cut the card slit.  Several unsuccessful jigs later, I found a quick and easy way to cut them…

A 3” wide razor blade window scraper!  With the cork siting on my bench, and the scraper in my left hand and placed the blade where I wanted it on the top of the cork and with a couple of wiggles, the blade penetrated down to the plastic holder and voila! a cut that was angled just right at about a 10º angle to make viewing the place card just that much better.

IMG 1241

And of course, they show off the lovely logo that is our winery quite nicely.


IMG 1239

IMG 1240