A Dosage Doser and Sparkling Topper

IMG 0730

This project is not in the book, but as I was getting ready to disgorge my latest batch of sparkling wines, I wanted an easier way to insert the dosage and topping up my bottles after shooting out the ice plug.  Previously, I’d used a syringe to measure out some of the sweetened and sulfited wine and then pour in additional wine to top up to the desired ullage.  This was very tedious and inefficient, so I came up with this little device.

There are two half gallon jars on top that serve as the reservoirs for the mixtures. On the left is my dosage and on the right is the topping wine.  To insert a set amount of the dosage into the disgorged wine, I pull on the bottom of the syringe and it pulls the dosage into it to the desired volume. Without letting go of the bottle from disgorging, I place it on the thin tubing on the left and then push the plunger on the syringe up and it pushes it up into the tubing on the left. The trick to make this flow happen is to use in line check valves on each side of the tee above the syringe.

Once the dosage has been inserted (slowly! to keep from foaming over), the bottle is topped up from the jar on the right.   It’s working pretty slick.  Hope you’re able to add this to your list of winemaking projects.  Cheers!

IMG 0732